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For years now, yes, YEARS... I have been fascinated by the word 'knit' in prose. I have long thought that it would be a chore fun to chronicle all of the sentences I have come across in literature that contain the word 'knit'. Now years later and many opportunities missed..."Why, that is an interesting sentence with 'knit' in it...I should write it down"...I am finally going to do it. One has to start somewhere and even if I had started years ago, I still would have had many missed opportunities up to that point too.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Knitting needles as weapons...

I love the "funnies" or the comics as they are mostly called now.  Our Dad called them the funnies and that is what I think of them on Sunday mornings.  Back when we were kids we would go to church on Sunday morning, fasting because we were raised Catholic and you couldn't eat anything before communion, then we would stop at Winchell's Donuts on the way home, pick out a dozen of the yummiest donuts ever, then go home and read the funnies and eat our weight in donuts. *sigh*  Such a good memory.  Except for the fasting business..that was painful, why did we have to do that.  I want to know what the rule was about fasting because I don't remember...I'm going to have to 'google' that.

I get a kick out of comic characters knitting, so this one made me laugh.  I love the look on Rose's face as she tries to stab Crankshaft with her big long knitting needle.

 I don't condone using knitting needles as weapons especially if TSA gets wind of this, I don't want my needles banned on a long flight, so hopefully the head of Homeland Security missed the funny pages today. 

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